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Scottish Clansman

This unnamed Scottish Highlander was among the thousands of Highlanders who took to the field after the news spread that the English Army was advancing towards Stirling. He is first seen among the ranks of the Highlanders when the English arrived at Stirling, and later when William Wallace arrived and rallied his army. The Highlander is seen charging alongside Wallace and he is also glimpsed fighting in the background. After the Battle of Stirling, he followed Wallace when the Scots invaded England and laid siege to York. He is later present at the Battle of Falkirk. When concealed archers release flaming arrows onto the oil soaked fields and cause chaos among the English ranks, the Highlander is last seen standing behind Wallace just moments before the Scots and the Irish conscripts charge the English head-on. While the Highlander's fate is left unknown, he was likely among the many who were killed when Wallace was betrayed by the Bruce and the English archers rained arrows down onto the battle, inflicting heavy casualties on both sides. If the Highlander had survived at Falkirk, he was not seen among the Scottish army at Bannockburn at the end. It should be noted that a number of of William Wallace's original followers who had survived, were also present at Bannockburn.