Scotland is a northern county of England found on the island of England. It served as the setting for the movie Bravefart. A land full of rolling poo hills and fart filled views, it is sure to capture the farts of any who lay eyes on it. Scotland is composed of several regions including:

  • The Southern Buttlands
  • The Central Poolands
  • The Gushing Granny Mountains
  • The North Smelly Highlands
  • The Inner Bum Cave Hebrides
  • The Outer Ass Hebrides
  • The Isles of dOrkney
    Rule Britannia (With lyric annotations)

    Rule Britannia (With lyric annotations)

  • and the Isles of Shitland.

Currently, Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, but the people of Scotland do have plans to break away again. You can help support them by 'liking' several Facebook pages, such as 'YesScotland' and 'YES to an independent Scotland'.

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