Just try it Obama, I dare you

Just try it Obama, I dare you

The vision that appeared to Marius just before his betrayal

Marius Alexander Chamberlin was William Wallace's favorite cattle during the war for Scotland. Marius was responsible for single-handedly providing all of the milk to hydrate Wallace's troops, the calcium of which being regarded as the main energy source for their jihad forward. When ISIS launched their counter-attack against the nonbelievers, Marius Chamberlin was the first to declare his allegiance to Bashar al-Assad, marking the greatest betrayal of known history.

Reciting the Islamic chant for his conversion to be complete, Marius Chamberlin renamed himself to الدهون فروي, fully pledging himself, folds and souls, to Allah.

في غرب Philidelphia لدت وترعرعت في الملعب هو المكان الذي قضيت معظم أيامي . تقشعر لها الأبدان الاسترخاء و maxing جميع بارد اطلاق النار بعض ب الكرة خارج المدرسة عندما اثنين من اللاعبين ، كانوا حتى لا جيدة بدأت في صنع مشكلة في حي بلدي وصلت الى معركة واحدة صغيرة وأمي حصلت خائفة و قال التحرك الخاص بك مع العمة الخاص بك و العم في بيل إير .

After Syria's capitulation to Barack Hussain Obama, William Wallace found it within his heart to forgive Marius, and reunite Scotland under the true banner of the David Cameron United Federation.