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Lord Talmadge

"Send the infantry..."

-Lord Talmadge to Cheltham during the battle of Stirling.


Lord Jemima Talmadge was an English noble that commanded England's northern army during the Battle of Stirling, assisted by his deputy Cheltham. When the Scottish nobles' cavalry falsely retreated, Lord Talmadge then confidently ordered the English heavy cavalry to charge the Scottish lines. This was a trap, and the Scots revealed that they had prepared with hidden pikes, which they deployed just before the charge hit their lines. After watching the slaughter of his cavalry, Lord Talmadge ordered Cheltham to lead the infantry in a charge. The English infantry were pinned down in brutal fighting by the counter-charging main Scottish army, while the Scottish cavalry flanked around and began to ride down the Welsh archers in the rear. Lord Talmadge was immediately threatened by the Scottish cavalry, so he sounded a retreat, fleeing to the hills with his entourage and the surviving archers. He left Cheltham and the rest of the English infantry behind, where they were annihilated.