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"I have come to claim the right of prima noctis. As lord of these lands, I will bless this marriage by taking the bride into my bed on the night of her union."
— Bottoms, claiming the right to Prima Noctae.
Lord Bottoms
Lord Bottoms
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Bottoms' Castle
Historical information
Real name: ? Bottoms
Born: 1259
Died: 1296
Actor: Rupert Vansittart

Lord Bottoms was the lord of the area around Falkirk.


Lord Bottoms was an English noble who was lord of the lands near the town of Falkirk. He was happy when Edward I granted Prima Noctae, because it allowed lords to take a new bride into their bed on the night of their union. He was lucky to find a marriage on that day, one between Morrison and another woman, and despite Morrison fighting to keep his wife, he was able to take her and have complete sexual rights over her for one night. He then returned to his castle near Lanark, and he dispatched 100 (more like 50) troops to Lanark. One day, he sent a patrol out.

Bottoms death

Morrison kills Lord Bottoms.

At the same time, William Wallace rebelled and slaughtered all 50 men at Lanark, and killed the magistrate Charles Heselrig. The patrol was ambushed and all of the people were killed, and the Scottish rebels used their uniforms to infiltrate Bottoms' castle, giving him the notion that they were his patrol returning. He asked them what the news was, but in return, the Scottish revealed themselves and seized all of the English troops. Bottoms was then confronted by Morrison, who wanted revenge, and he beat Lord Bottoms to death with his ball-and-chain.