King Edward

King Edward Longshanks was the King of England in the movie Braveheart.  Portrayed as the main antagonist in the film, he eventually brought about the ultimate demise of the story's main character and protagonist, William Wallace.

Historical BackgroundEdit

Edward Longshanks was born June 17, 1239, as the first son of King Henry III. In 1264, he and his father were captured in a civil war against the rebellious Earl Simon De Montfort. Luckily for Edward he escaped, enacted revenge on his captors and sucessfully turn several rebels to the King’s side. As a result the rebellion was put down and saved both his father and the Plantagenet dynasty. Years later in his early 30’s, Longshanks went on a small crusade to the Holy Land. Although very ineffective and finding himself almost killed in an assasination atempt, it gave him great insight into war and how it worked. On the way home from his crusade, he received word that his father, Henry III had died. After returning to England in 1274, he was crowned King of England on August 19th.

In order to reduce the tension between England and France, Edward arranged the marriage of his son, Prince Edward to the daughter of France's King.  Unfortunately, Edward II did not truly love her. Edward introduced his son to King Henry's daughter isabella.

Edward Longshanks was played by Patrick McGoohan (1928 - 2009) in the 1995 Mel Gibson film.  

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