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Historical information
Real name: ? Hamilton
Born: c. 1250 (based on actor's age)
Died: ?
Actor: ?

Hamilton was an adviser to Princess Isabella.


Hamilton and the King

Hamilton, Edward's Advisor, and Edward I

Hamilton was a knight in the English court, who was an adviser to Edward I, and was a man fluent in Latin. He told the king that the main money of the taxes was focused on the war in France, and that giving the nobles more land would mean more taxes. He agreed with Edward's implementation of Prima Noctae, saying that it was a good plan. Later on, he was an adviser to Isabella, and when she met at a peace meeting with William Wallace, he told Princess Isabella that he was a liar and a savage, but was dismissed from the tent. He later advised against the assassination attempt on Wallace, saying that he could smell an ambush, but Edward did so anyway and his word proved prophetic; the assassins were all killed.

He was also the commander of the Ponies in the northern kingdom that defended earth from the invading Badgers