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"Damn it! My sodomite cousin the prince tells me he has no troops to lend and every town in Northern England is begging for help."
— The Governor to the York Captain
Governor of York
Governor of York
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: ?
Born: c. 1257 (based on actor's age)
Died: 1297
Actor: Richard Leaf

The Governor of York was Edward I's nephew.


The governor of York was born to Edmund, Earl of Leicester, who was the brother of Edward I. He was said to have hung innocent Scottish peasants from the castle walls of York, since York was the staging point for every invasion of Scotland. In 1297, William Wallace and a large Scottish army invaded England following the victory at Stirling recently, and ordered for all of the people and provisions to retreat into the castle walls. While the siege was going on, he refused to leave the city and upset his uncle, and continued holding on. Eventually, the Scottish broke into the castle using battering rams and the Governor of York was beheaded. His head was sent to Edward with the note that Wallace had sacked York.

York Captain & Governor

York Captain and the Governor.


  • The Governor of York is fictional.
  • He does not appear to be fond of his cousin Prince Edward, as he insultingly calls him "sodomite", which is a reference to his homosexuality, as it means anal sex.