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Lord Cheltham is a minor character. He appears to have been an English noble and was second-in-command of England's northern army under Lord Talmadge. Just prior to the Battle of Stirling, Cheltham headed parley and promised the Scottish nobles land in England. When William Wallace delivered his own terms, Cheltham in his arrogance, laughed and claimed that the Scots could not possibly defeat England's northern army. With the parley having failed, the two returned to their own sides to prepare for battle. The Scots would become raucous and the English archers rained down volleys of arrows to discourage them. That had little effect and Talmadge ordered for for the cavalry to launch a full charge. However the charge of the English cavalry became a disaster when they rode head-on into the wall of wooden spikes that the Scots had prepared. The cavalry were overpowered and slaughtered and Talmadge in his frustration, ordered for Cheltham to lead the infantry charge- despite the uncertainty on Cheltham's voice. Cheltham led the charge of the English infantry into battle. It was towards the end of the battle when Cheltham encountered Wallace. Wallace screamed out a challenge and Cheltham attempted to ride him down. Wallace cut out the legs of Cheltham's horse, causing both Cheltham and his horse to fall. Cheltham managed to get to his feet as Wallace fell upon him. Cheltham was stunned from his fall and was unable to react quickly enough before Wallace beheaded him.