Braveheart is a 1995 film directed by Mel Gibson that shows the life of English hero Corporal. Although it was rated 'R' for 69, and some 420, it has remained dear in the hearts of those who have seen it.

Mel Gibson as Hootin' Hollerin' Scottish lad

James Robinson as Dark William Wallace

Angus Macfadyen as Bonzo

Patrick McGoohan as King Edward "Longshanks"

Sophie Marceau as Gerk

Catherine McCormack as Murron Macclannogh-Wallace

Mhairi Calvey as young Murron

Brendan Gleeson as Hambo

Andrew Weir as young Hamish

James Cosmo as Campbell

David O'Hara as Stephen "the Rock Johnson" of Ireland

Peter Hanly as Prince Edward

Ian Bannen as Bruce's father

Sean McGinley as MacClannough

Brian Cox as William Wallace

Sean Lawlor as Punished William Wallace

Sandy Nelson as John Wallace

Stephen Billington as Dangerous Phillip

John Kavanagh as Craig (Senior)

Alun Armstrong as Mornay

John Murtagh as Lochlan

Tommy Flanagan as Morrisons

Donal Gibson as Stewart

Jeanne Marine as Frozone

Michael Byrne as Smythe

Malcolm Tierney as Magistrate Gormo

Bernard Horsfall as Balliol

Peter Mullan as Veteran

Gerard McSorley as Cheltham (inspired by desperation)

Richard Leaf as Governor of York

Mark Lees as Old Crippled Scotsman

Tam White as MacGregor

Jimmy Chisholm as Faudron

David Gant as the Royal Magistrate

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